Integrated Project Engineering Congress Call for Abstracts

For the first time, the Integrated Project Engineering Congress (IPEC) is bringing together interconnected streams of project engineering to learn, collaborate and share ideas. IPEC is exploring how multi-disciplinary approaches enhance project delivery across Risk, Project Controls, Systems Engineering, Cost Engineering and Asset Management. Over two days in May 2021, delegates from around the world will be coming together and attending online.

We’re inviting you to present at IPEC. You have an opportunity to share your insights with your peers, leaders in your field and an international audience. As the first conference of its kind, speakers will have a unique platform to build their professional standing.

As Geoff Hurst of the Risk Engineering Society puts it, “Presenters will gain value from:

  • Exposure to international audiences
  • Speaking to the heart of engineering enterprises
  • Challenging and being challenged by specialists in all aspects and scales of engineering projects.”

Share thought leadership with a multidisciplinary audience

Whether your presentation or case study relates to a single specialist stream or spans several themes, IPEC is the ideal forum to influence thinking across engineering disciplines. Attendees will come from diverse business communities and governments, as well as leaders in production, science and technology sectors.

The four congress streams are:

  • Systems and Test Engineering
  • Project Controls
  • Risk Engineering
  • Integrated Project Engineering

Within these congress streams, we’re covering sub-themes including:

  • Capital Projects and Lifecycle
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Technology and Data
  • Human Systems and Culture
  • Governance and Assurance

While each discipline has a distinct focus, this collaboration is greater than the sum of its parts. Bill Parkins of the Systems Engineering Society of Australia says, “Project engineering encompasses not only the technology of the system elements being developed and delivered, but also the integration of the people, processes and data to ensure successful project execution.”

With collaboration in mind, we welcome abstracts from both transdisciplinary and specialist areas of all engineering disciplines.

Support for IPEC

IPEC is the combination of major conferences normally run independently by technical societies of Engineers Australia. This mirrors the multidisciplinary reality of project engineering.

The congress is supported by:

  • Engineers Australia
  • Risk Engineering Society
  •  Australian Cost Engineering Society (ACES)
  • Systems Engineering Society of Australia (SESA)
  • Asset Management Council
  • EA College of Leadership & Management

As Leonardo Ferro of the Australian Cost Engineering Society says, it’s an integrated approach that builds a successful project.

“Projects are built by people; not systems, software or machines. Integrating the project team’s knowledge is crucial. Without proper risk investigation and management, planning and scheduling, and cost control provided by a strong project controls team, the integration of all project disciplines is difficult. Interface issues can be missed, meaning critical time and cost issues are not picked up.”

Submit your abstract

If you have questions about whether your idea is a good fit for IPEC, simply email us.

Ready to put yourself forward? Choose the presentation format you are most comfortable with and submit your abstracts in November.